The present band comprises:

Charles Appleyard - Trumpet and vocals. Charles has been blowing since the age of 12. From brass bands via the band of HM Coldstream Guards to jazz.

Wilson Hepplestone - Trombone, banjo and tuba. Wilson has played about as long as Charles. Wilson has similarly progressed from brass band to dance band to jazz. He is also the secretary of Ryedale Jazz Society.

John Hesp - Guitar and banjo. John graduated to Jazz from the schools of blues, folk, country and rock 'n' roll. He has played in numerous bands over the years and as well as Ryedale Jazz, John plays in the Railroad Hobos and the Wild Colonial Boys.

Steve Johnson - Bass. Steve transferred from guitar to electric bass to double bass last year and hasn't looked back since.

John Welford - Trumpet, Clarinet and Saxophone. John joined us as our regular reed player in the Autumn of 2016 have depped with us for many years.

Malcolm Rooney - Banjo.