8 th Ryedale Trad Jazz Festival - Sat 25 th to Fri 31 st July 2020, Pickering.

Dear Ryedale Jazz Database Member, 

The letter below is specifically for those of you who have bought tickets for our our 2020 Trad Festival. However we have decided to send it to you all because we believe it is important that all members are kept up to date with our plans and activities. You will appreciate that the decision to cancel has not been easy, and that we have left it as late as we dare. We must now now look to the future. All the bands for 2021 are already booked and the flyers are printed – we would normally have distributed them at this year's festival as usual. These details will be on the website www.ryedalejazz.com within the next few days. We look forward to seeing you next year. 

* * * * * 

Cancelling Ryedale Trad Jazz Festival 2020 

Dear supporter, 

The movement out of covid-19 lockdown is now so slow in transport, accommodation, eating places, venue restrictions, etc. that our target date of June 23 for deciding the fate of the 8th Ryedale Trad Jazz Festival just seems like delaying the inevitable. We have taken the decision, very reluctantly, to cancel the festival now, 11th June . 

This leaves us with many problems to unravel, but perhaps one of the easiest is the method we intend to use to reimburse you, our ticket-holder. We propose to: 

weekly ticket holder: give you the choice of [a] a weekly ticket for the 2021 festival [details of dates and bands will soon be on our website www.ryedalejazz.com ] or [b] a full refund. 

ticket[s] holder: give you a full refund. {You can ask to 'roll over' your tickets for 2021 if your requirement would be for exactly the same evening[s].} 

Please don't expect immediate payment. We must give you time to consider your options, and await your replies . . . . . . . and there could be an awful lot of letter and cheque-writing for us to do. 

However, we hope that by making this decision early we are giving you more chance to firm up your own plans for the coming weeks. We will post our further decisions and details on the website when available. 

In the meantime, stay alert and look forward to some live jazz as soon as available. We certainly hope to be welcoming you back next year. 

With best wishes, 

Wilson, Ryedale Jazz Society


Details of the 2021 Festival are here: 2021 Ryedale Jazz Festival




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